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1906, 2023

Dominic Mantei – Winemaking Adventurer

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Northern California native Dominic Mantei embraces the adventure of making wine at Kaya Vineyard and Winery in Georgia’s Dahlonega Plateau. […]

904, 2023

Beneduce Vineyards – Fear not the Umlaut

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In February 2023, I traveled to New Jersey to visit a few of their top wineries. One was Beneduce Vineyards, where I met owner/farmer/winemaker Mike Beneduce for a comprehensive – and impressive – portfolio tasting – plus an engaging conversation about winegrowing and winemaking. […]

102, 2023

Life-changing Tokaji Furmint

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My introduction to Tokaji Furmint was in 2020 – the 2018 Wetzer Tokaji Furmint – a dry white with some botrytis influence made in a minimalist style (native yeast, unfiltered, unfined). I wrote about tasting it – and won one of the categories in the 2022 Hungarian Wines Web Wine Writing Competition.

1012, 2022

Bells Up Winery – The End of the Beginning

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In August 2021, I met Sara and Dave Specter of Bells Up Winery for the first time during a media visit that was a bit more formal – a sit-down tasting and interview with them both.

312, 2022

Youngberg Hill’s Wayne Bailey – Farmer First

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In late October 2022, I visited Youngberg Hill in Oregon’s McMinnville AVA. It is a gorgeous 50-acre property with a historic inn atop the hillside, surrounded by astounding views and meticulously farmed, organic and biodynamic vineyards planted to Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris.

112, 2022

7th FRANC & FRANC International Cabernet Franc Forum

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Fast forward to 2022. Villány is the primary red wine region of Hungary, which is becoming increasingly well known for producing its signature wine, Cabernet Franc, thanks to the area’s sub-Mediterranean climate, loess and clay soils, and innovative producers who are making Villányi Franc in a variety of styles.

302, 2022

Holly’s Hill Vineyards: A Touch of Rhone in the Heart of El Dorado

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The origin story of Holly’s Hill Vineyards can best be explained through a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape that  Tom and Holly Cooper shared on their honeymoon- it was love at first sight.  Located in El Dorado’s Pleasant Valley, nestled in the Sierra Foothills, the vineyard originally started out as a ranch the family used as a retreat and a place to raise cattle.  

1001, 2022

PRIE Vineyard & Winery: Exploring New and Interesting Varieties in Lodi

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Winery and vineyards offer an odd intersection, but somehow it works. For John and Lisa Gash starting a winery was about wanting to run their own business. As hobbyist winemakers initially and working in technology as part of their respective day jobs, a winery seemed like a natural combination of both their business acumen, curiosities and passions.

2911, 2021

Longtime Winemaker Donald Patz Talks Business, Wine and Life

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Since arriving in California in the early 1980’s, Donald Patz has worn many hats in the wine industry.  From starting in sales at Flora Springs Winery to being a founding partner at Patz & Hall Winery, Patz has endured the ups and downs of the wine business. After selling Patz & Hall to Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, he would go on to establish the Donald Patz Wine Group, which is a combination of three small producer brands. 

603, 2021

Mullan Road Cellars: A Journey into the Royal Slope AVA

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In the spring of 1853, a young man fresh out of West Point by the name of Lieutenant John Mullan was ready to put his topical engineering training to the task of improving a wagon route from Fort Benton to Fort Walla Walla, which was then known as the Washington Territory. Because of war, construction would be delayed by about five years.  Overseeing a workforce of 200 people, Lt. Mullan through a combination of perseverance and ingenuity, would develop a road that would serve as a primary centralized route for settlers migrating to the Pacific Northwest and be aptly named for the person who led the charge.

1611, 2020

La Randonnée Wines: From Oregon to Ireland and Back

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Kevin Green has been on a never-ending quest whether it’s to solve a technical puzzle or to demystify a grape varietal—it’s a curiosity about life that keeps him going.

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