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1412, 2021

Using Video to Promote Your Small Winery

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, video has become an essential tool to tell your brand's story, and create a connection to your customers that is more personal than photos and written content. Most social media platforms have built in video components but it is tough to know how to use them, as they all have different features and specs. 

2111, 2021

Creating and Implementing an Affiliate Program 

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An affiliate program is a great way to allow your existing customers, who we’ll call “friends and family” to become part of your sales team.  It works by offering incentives, cash or credit to people who encourage their friends and followers to purchase your wines. 

711, 2021

Dropshipping for Small Wineries

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As a small producer being able to maximize revenue from your website is important to your business but other than selling wine and event tickets, what can you do?  The truth is a lot, two-party companies that provide dropshipping services have made it easy for anyone to populate an e-commerce shop without too much effort.  With companies like Oberlo and Spocket you have the option of choosing ready-made products that ship from the U.S and companies like Printful, who will dropship branded products ordered on your website.

2907, 2021

Influencer Marketing for Small Producers

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Much has been said about influencer marketing in the wine industry lately. You can’t go to a conference or business forum in the industry without hearing about the problem of influencer marketing and how to deal with it. Serious wine writers are being pushed out of the industry and are unable to make a living while people who have very little wine education are taking over.

506, 2020

Low Cost Resources That Can Make A Big Impact On Your Marketing

By |June 5, 2020|Categories: Business and Operations, Featured|

Small production wineries often struggle with a lack of resources, time and money, to accomplish all of their business goals.  Marketing often becomes the area that is neglected-it's technical, where do you star?  Which platforms to use?  How do you measure success?  Below I have compiled some easy and low cost tools to address these issues.

104, 2020

5 Tips To Increase Online Wine Sales Right Now

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As we continue in our new normal, many wineries are struggling to understand what they can do TODAY to increase online wine sales to replace the tasting room and event traffic they would normally have this time of year.

505, 2019

Is Craft Wine Carrying the Wine Industry?

By |May 5, 2019|Categories: Business and Operations|

Craft Wine is becoming increasingly important to wine sales, not just in the United States but around the world. The trend is being driven first by people who are passionate about wine retiring, leaving their day jobs or creating a space in their lives in some way to produce wines they believe in.

305, 2019

Sorting Out The Distribution Maze

By |May 3, 2019|Categories: Business and Operations|

Deciding if you need a distributor is essential if you are a small winery. Many successful wineries only sell direct-to-consumer (DtC)—from their tasting rooms and wine clubs—and the profit margins are better. Some wineries have individual relationships with restaurants or retailers. Others are only distributed in their home state and its capital and regional cities.

2904, 2019

How an Affiliate Program Can Increase DTC Sales

By |April 29, 2019|Categories: Business and Operations, Marketing and Sales|

What is Affiliate Marketing? af·fil·i·ate mar·ket·ing noun a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

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