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2608, 2022

Q and A with Elizabeth Smith by Carl Giavanti

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"I love delving into the personalities and history of the people behind the wine, winery, vineyards and/or brand and learning how they became enamored with a career in the industry — whether that be winemaking, winegrowing, winery ownership or management."

1002, 2022

Where’s My Cellar Share?

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In February 2022’s issue of Wine Business Monthly, Cyril Penn’s article “Wine Losing Share” is prescient. The article concludes that “taking share” is now the most important thing for wholesalers and retailers, who have the most clout in today’s marketplace. How do small to medium size producers combat that marketing clout? Storytelling. It is what small suppliers have that many large wineries don’t - the people, families, success and failure stories behind the brand. How do stories help me sell wine? Please read on.

1301, 2022

Wine Influencers – Can They Help You Sell Wine?

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15 years ago, high-quality premium wines may have sold themselves, but no more. Too much competition in most wine regions, along with years of experience and technology has leveled the playing field. Enter Wine Influencers. Have they become modern-day storytellers? It sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

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