Webinar: Easy Steps For Creating Marketing Content

By Published On: July 20, 2020

Join us for an on-demand tutorial on how to easily and inexpensively create great marketing content for your winery! In this webinar we go over different types of content such as photos, videos, graphics and surveys as well as how to optimize the different types of content for both Facebook and Instagram.

We also demonstrate how to easily create a few pieces of content using Canva, Adobe Spark and Survey Monkey. This tutorial will be focused on using desktop apps but we will go through a list of mobile app-based platforms as well.

The webinar was presented by Jennifer Prevost, Director of Sales & Marketing for Craftwine.org.

Jennifer has 10 years of experience in content creation for hospitality businesses and in addition to Craftwine.org has worked with companies like Nick’s Cove, Halleck Vineyard, Marinitas Marin, among others.

Watch the webinar below:

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