Small Wineries Lead The Charge In Craft Wine Movement

By Published On: October 14, 2020

Two years ago when we first covered the Craft Wine Association, it was just started to bud. The group had less than a dozen wineries, but unlimited enthusiasm from CEO and founder Carole Lawson. The CWA has now blossomed with more than 55 wineries in locations from coast to coast in the US.

Certified Craft Wine is a small-production wine made in runs of less than 5,000 cases.For a wine to achieve the designation of Certified Craft Wine, the winemaker must lead production from the process of grape selection through fermentation. Certified Craft Wine must also be produced using grapes from an identifiable vineyard or identifiable vineyards. Wineries whose entire production is most commonly less than 5,000 cases and meet the other criteria qualify as Certified Craft Wineries.

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