Rooted Dreams: the Hope Family’s Paso Robles Legacy

By Published On: August 21, 2023

Courtesy: Hope Family Vineyards

The tale of the Hope family’s legacy begins at the heart of Paso Robles, where the roots of their story find nourishment. Chuck and Marlyn Hope, driven by a profound vision, planted the seeds of vineyards and apple orchards, laying the groundwork for generations to come. Chuck, originally from the San Joaquin Valley, intertwined his fate with Marlyn’s family. After dedicating years to a distribution company, the Hopes embarked on a pivotal quest in 1978 with their children to Paso Robles, chasing both grape growing and the cherished American dream.

As 1986 unfolded, the Hope family’s steadfast dedication led them into the realm of winemaking, a choice fueled by their unwavering belief in the region’s potential to craft world-class wines. Amidst this dynamic evolution, Austin Hope emerged as a guiding light, immersing himself in the vineyards from a young age. When his uncle Paul passed away, Chuck entrusted his son with the responsibility of carrying on the family legacy and establishing the foundation for their winery, Treana Winery.

Situated within the Templeton Gap District, the Hope Family Estate vineyard stands as a time-honored presence predating the formation of the 11 sub-AVAs in 2014. Caressed by the cool marine winds that sweep through the coastal mountain notch, the vineyard experiences a unique climatic embrace that imparts a distinctive touch to the grapes. The undulating landscape and sun-kissed exposures create a natural backdrop of complexities. The well-drained soils, enriched with calcareous loam, foster an environment perfectly suited for nurturing world-class wines.

In the year 2000, the Austin Hope brand emerged as the flagship, inspired by the allure of the Rhone Valley that had captured their hearts in earlier times. Their journey commenced with the decision to replant their estate vineyard with Rhone varieties in the mid-1990s. Starting with a Syrah vintage in 2000, their offerings expanded to encompass various other varieties. A passionate pursuit was born, aiming to create a platform for luxurious Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. Their debut release in 2015 embodied their guiding philosophy: crafting opulent wines that radiate softness, richness, and suppleness, reflecting their exceptional quality. These wines were designed to stand the test of time, reminiscent of esteemed classics, yet accessible in price, ensuring excellence for all who seek it.

Courtesy: Hope Family Vineyards

In 2020, the debut of their first Malbec took center stage. Austin Hope’s approach to Malbec is distinct from the typical Argentine style, characterized by its enhanced complexity and elegance. This is achieved through meticulous grape selection and a thoughtful aging process that combines oak barrels with stainless steel tanks. Their Malbec marries the best of both old and new world expressions.

Paso Robles proudly stands as a global hub for wine grapes, distinguished by an unparalleled array of factors. Home to 200 grape varieties, each boasting unique characteristics and flavors, the region boasts diverse soil types from sandy loam to calcareous shale, and a climate that ranges from cool and foggy to hot and dry. Despite its youth as a wine region, Paso Robles has achieved remarkable milestones – from winning esteemed awards to hosting international events and attracting renowned winemakers. It’s a place where tradition intertwines with innovation, and wine enthusiasts can uncover new and exhilarating expressions of the grape. Austin’s dream is clear: for Paso Robles to become a global household name, much like the Napa Valley, and he firmly believes this dream is within reach during his lifetime.

The wines featured in the Wine Recommendations section were provided by the winery for the purpose of review. The selection and tasting of these wines were independently conducted. No compensation or incentives were provided for inclusion in the story.  As always, the top priority is to provide the readers with informative reporting.

Wine Recommendations

Courtesy: Hope Family Vineyards

Austin Hope Winery 2020 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon- it presents itself in a resolute dry demeanor, asserting its full-bodied stature with unyielding confidence. Layers of molasses coalesce with the depths of dark fruit, while a thread of licorice weaves its dark magic, adding an intriguing element of allure.

Austin Hope Winery 2021 Grenache, Santa Barbara County- the palate is greeted by a jubilant burst of bright red fruits. Juicy and ripe, the fruits offer a sweet melody with a hint of spice, an invitation to explore the nuances hidden within every sip and a lingering finish.

Treana Winery 2022 Sauvignon Blanc, California- bursting forth with tropical fragrances while the palate is enveloped with citrus, pineapple and green apple flavors. The wine refreshing accompanied by a luxurious creamy texture  and a lingering finish that unfurls slowly.

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