Craft Beverage Expo – A Conference That Matters

By Published On: October 19, 2019
I know. We all get tons of invites to conferences and events, every one of them saying this is the most important event of the year, heck, maybe the decade. I have gone to several that promised to change my entire life only to leave disappointed. Most of the time the stroke is too broad, the conversation too high level for any of it to be actionable.
What makes this conference so different? The focus on craft, solely on craft. This is not a big player conference with a hat tip to the little guys. This conference is all about the craft producers and the eco-system that supports them. This from their website:
“Unlike other events, CBE is solely focused on small-batch beverages and the issues that producers face, from finding the right technology and equipment for their operations to getting their beverages onto stores’ shelves.”
I believe so strongly that this conference is important to craft producers across the board, the Craft Wine Association has arranged a discount available to all craft producers and those who work with them and support them. All of you.
If you are not a member of the Craft Wine Association, use the discount code SPKVIP and 50% off the full conference rate: http://craftbeveragI
If you are a member, contact us at We have negotiated an even deeper discount for you.
The cynical among you will say they must be getting some kind of a kickback. We aren’t. We are on a mission to close the economies of scale gap that impacts all craft producers. Yes, our primary focus is on Craft Wine. The reality is when it comes to things like distribution and marketing, we are all in this together. Opening doors for one member of the craft community opens doors for all of us.
See you there.

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