New Legislation Would Expand Online Wine Auctions in California

By Published On: February 16, 2022

Senator Bill Dodd, D-Napa, announced legislation that would increase the number of annual fundraising auctions that registered nonprofits and trade organizations may conduct, according to a press release issued on Monday. 

“Expanding the ability to hold these online auctions makes perfect sense given the technology that has emerged during the pandemic to keep us safe,” Sen. Dodd said in a press release. “My bill would allow groups to step up this much-needed fundraising, improving our economy and charitable giving.”

The bill would expand the current two-day limit of online auctions to 15 consecutive days, potentially contributing to California’s economic recovery and increasing fundraising efforts.

“This bill supports the evolution of non-profit fundraising auctions… which is needed in today’s robust e-commerce landscape and ultimately allows for expanded fundraising potential for all non-profits,” said Napa Valley Vintners president and CEO Linda Reiff.

The bill is sponsored by Napa Valley Vintners, with further support being expected from many other nonprofit groups.

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