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802, 2024

Brassfield Estate Winery: A Blending of Volcanic Terroir-Influenced Wines, and the Splendid Outdoors of Lake County

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Credit: Brassfield Estate Winery In 1973, Central California cattle ranch owner Jerry Brassfield was captivated by the agricultural potential and serene environment of Lake County’s High Valley region. This led him to purchase a 1,600-acre property, marking the start of his wine industry journey. […]

3001, 2024

Time & Direction Winery: Back to the Future in the Walla Walla Rhone Scene

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Credit: Time & Direction Winery In the heart of Walla Walla, amidst tranquil vineyards, stands Time and Direction Winery, a testament to the unique journey of its owner, Steve Wells. From aspiring to be a rock star in the bustling streets of New York City to becoming a certified sommelier, Steve’s path to the world of wine was anything but ordinary.  […]

2201, 2024

Miraflores Winery: A Thriving Vineyard in Pleasant Valley, El Dorado County

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Credit: Miraflores Winery Dr. Victor Alvarez, a successful pathologist, found himself mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Pleasant Valley, in El Dorado County,  during a detour on a business trip to Reno. This serendipitous discovery led him to purchase a property that would eventually become the flourishing Miraflores Winery.  […]

2012, 2023

Nicholson Vineyards Winery: Where Tradition Meets Passion in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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Credit: Nicholson Vineyards Winery With a deep passion for winemaking steeped in a legacy of eleven generations of farming, the Nicholson family has been producing wines since 1995 on their estate vineyards in California’s Santa Cruz County. Renowned for their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, they also source grapes from around the state to create specialty wines that reflect the diverse terroir of California. […]

1312, 2023

Barboursville Vineyards: Virginia Wine, Italian Soul

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Credit: Barboursville Vineyards In the 1970s, Italian winemaking pioneer Gianni Zonin harbored a dream to establish a winery in the United States. While renowned regions like Napa Valley and the Finger Lakes beckoned, Zonin’s path led him to an unexpected destination: Virginia. […]

712, 2023

Ponzi Vineyards: A Legacy of Exceptional Wines in the Willamette Valley

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Credit: Ponzi Vineyards Ponzi Vineyards is a living testament to the transformative power of time and passion. For generations, the Ponzi family has crafted wines that embody the unique spirit of the Willamette Valley. Their story is one of unwavering dedication to sustainable practices and a deep respect for the land, propelling them to the forefront of Oregon’s winemaking scene. […]

512, 2023

Southwest Mountains Vineyards: A Newcomer Nurturing Virginia’s Terroir, One Sip at a Time

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Credit: Southwest Mountains Vineyards Situated amidst the picturesque foothills of Virginia’s Southwest Mountains, Southwest Mountains Vineyards is a destination for discerning wine lovers, where history blends with culture and nature. […]

3011, 2023

Vivac Winery: A High Elevation Refuge for Wine Lovers in the Heart of New Mexico

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Credit: Douglas Merriam For two brothers and their wives, Vivac Winery was more than just a business venture. It was a dream come true. Jesse and Chris Padberg, along with their spouses MIchele and Liliana, turned their passion for winemaking into a world-class enterprise that produces some of the most acclaimed wines in New Mexico.  Inspired by the winemaking traditions of South America and Europe, Vivac Winery is located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  From humble beginnings in a small adobe house, to becoming certified sommeliers, and award winning winemakers, the family has made [...]

2111, 2023

Coombsville Dreams: The Humble Beginnings of Sciandri Family Vineyards

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Courtesy: Sciandri Family Vineyards Ron and Roberta Sciandri were born and raised in South San Francisco, but they always dreamed of a different life. In the late 1980s, they invested in a small motel in Napa Valley with some friends. As they renovated and managed the Wine Valley Lodge, they fell in love with the region, its beauty, and its wine culture. They decided to retire in Napa Valley and find their ideal home. […]

2910, 2023

How RD Winery Blends Vietnamese Culture and Napa Valley

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Credit: Bob McClenahan With a compelling blend of Vietnamese heritage and Napa Valley’s rich viticultural landscape, RD Winery under the astute leadership of CEO Mailynh Phan has transformed the winemaking landscape. From its humble beginnings in the Vietnamese market, the winery’s journey into the heart of Napa unveiled not just a new tasting room, but an innovative fusion of all-Asian cuisine pairing. By bridging the essence of Vietnamese tradition with Napa’s winemaking artistry, RD Winery has not only crafted a distinct brand voice but also fostered a sense of inclusivity and community within the often exclusive world of [...]

510, 2023

Native Flora: Blowin’ in the Wind of Change in the Willamette Valley

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Credit: Mick Hangland-Skill Raised in an Italian household about 25 miles outside of the iconic Napa Valley, Scott Flora’s love for wine coursed through his veins from the start.  He has been a wine collector and consumer his entire adult life starting at the age of 18.  When life led him up to the Willamette Valley, a transformation began to take root.  It was the spark of inspiration that eventually led him down the path of establishing a vineyard and crafting wines of distinct character. The name “Native Flora” is derived from Scott’s last name, Flora. Having endured [...]

2709, 2023

Campbell Cellars: From Weekend Tastings to Estate Ownership

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Credit: Campbell Cellars Tim and Carol Campbell’s journey in the world of wine began during their school days at Berkeley, where weekends were often spent venturing in the Napa Valley for tastings.  Amid these excursions, they nurtured a dream– a dream of one day owning their own piece of this vinous paradise. The Campbells yearned for a place they could divide their time between Southern California and a newfound haven up north in the Napa Valley. Yet this vision went beyond just a second home; it encompassed a space where their entire family could gather for cherished summers, [...]

1009, 2023

Cab Franc Chronicles: Dracaena— from Humble Beginnings to Authentic Excellence

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Credit: Dracaena Wines In the world of wine, passion often emerges from unexpected places. Lori and Michael Budd’s journey began humbly, as they met at work and enjoyed early dates strolling to the supermarket. There, they carefully selected wine, returning to Michael’s apartment where he, the food scientist, showcased his culinary skills. As their careers advanced, so did their wine exploration, transitioning from the bottom shelf to eye-level wines, revealing the depth of the wine world. Vacations soon revolved around wine regions, captivated by the diversity of wines and the stories within each glass. […]

509, 2023

From Vineyard to Victory: the Inspiring Epic of Peltier Winery in Lodi

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Credit: Peltier Winery Rodney Schatz’s upbringing in a family of Lodi growers instilled in him a deep love for the land, a strong work ethic, and an appreciation for the rural lifestyle. Food and wine played integral roles in their family celebrations, and Rodney honed his kitchen skills from a young age. His early experiences ignited a passion for farming and a visionary outlook. […]

2408, 2023

Fiddletown’s Treasures Unveiled: Crafting Excellence at PleinAir Vineyards in Amador County

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For Tom and Sarah Malone, their appreciation for wine shared among friends evolved into an unexpected adventure when their son Dan's career in the wine industry took an intriguing turn. Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Amador County, the Malones found themselves on the brink of a new journey, envisioning a commercial winery that blended family ties with their deep passion for viticulture.

2108, 2023

Rooted Dreams: the Hope Family’s Paso Robles Legacy

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The tale of the Hope family's legacy begins at the heart of Paso Robles, where the roots of their story find nourishment. Chuck and Marlyn Hope, driven by a profound vision, planted the seeds of vineyards and apple orchards, laying the groundwork for generations to come. Chuck, originally from the San Joaquin Valley, intertwined his fate with Marlyn's family.

1708, 2023

Distinctive Hillside Wines: the Evolution of Crystal Springs AVA of Napa Valley

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For Steven Burgess, his origin story reads like a compelling novel, beginning with childhood memories of presenting family wines in the heart of Napa Valley and evolving into a deep understanding of the industry’s marketing.  A degree in Agriculture Engineering Technology, along with experience selling wine exposed him to a crowded wine landscape. 

1408, 2023

Paix Sur Terre: Fear and Loathing in Winemaking– A Cosmic Mourvedre Adventure

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The transition from a finance background to winemaking casts an intriguing light on Ryan Pease’s journey. His foray into owning a winery was no mere passion project; it was a calculated move, underpinned by financial and business acumen.   Recognizing the inherent value of the product, coupled with the upward trajectory of the Paso Robles wine region and insights garnered from Paso Robles finest wine industry talents, Ryan embarked on an unconventional path.

2607, 2023

Romance and Resilience on Howell Mountain: The Story of Red Thread Wines

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Once upon a vibrant Friday night in the lively Mission District of San Francisco, fate wove an intricate tapestry, bringing together two souls destined for an extraordinary journey. Brian Brakesman, still exhilarated from the Cow Palace rodeo, found himself at Slims, while Gretchen, celebrating her co-ed softball team's triumph, was enjoying the same bar with her friends.

2407, 2023

Neighbors to Winemakers: Opolo Vineyards and the Pursuit of Excellence in Paso Robles

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They recognized an opportunity in Paso Robles–an emerging wine region with immense potential at the time. Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, they independently planted their own vineyards, taking a leap of faith into the world of winemaking, but it was their collective vision that would ultimately unite their paths and give rise to Opolo.

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