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2209, 2022

Pride Mountain Vineyards: A Thoughtful Approach to High Elevation Grape Growing on Spring Mountain

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In 1989, Jim and Carolyn Pride purchased the Historic Summit Ranch situated right on the Napa -Sonoma county line atop Spring Mountain establishing Pride Mountain Vineyards. As retirement was upon them, the Prides initially wanted to buy a vineyard from which they could sell grapes locally.

1407, 2022

Boeger Winery: A Taste of High Elevation Italian Varieties With a Slice of History in El Dorado County

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As Greg and Susan Boeger were venturing out into El Dorado County, situated in the Sierra Foothills of California, they stumbled upon an amazing property as they passed majestic pine trees and winding roads.  They came across a pear orchard that had all the intangibles for a winery.  There was already an irrigation system in place and buildings on the property that go back a century, including the remnants of a Zinfandel vineyard in the driveway.  Situated along Carson Road, the region already had 400,000 visitors a year passing by on their way to Apple Hill ranches.  This would become the core framework of Boeger Winery.

107, 2022

Box Wine Company: A Fusion of Surfing, Art and Viticulture Along the North Coast 

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On a cold foggy day with the wind blowing like crazy along Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California, strong currents and massive waves cascading along the coast, you would have found young Wesley Box on his boogie board braving the elements and thirsting for adventure.   Back in the 1990s, surfing up and down the coast of Northern California, Wesley became interested in geology as he noticed the Marin Headlands, just north of the City known for its breathtaking ocean views, cliffs and unique rock types.

1306, 2022

Sta. Rita Hills: Unique Cool Climate Expressive Wines in the Heart of Santa Barbara County

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Established in 2001 within the county of Santa Barbara, California, the Sta. Rita Hills AVA is part of the larger Santa Ynez AVA, situated between the town of Lompoc and Buellton. The region has a distinct topography and microclimate.  Millions of years ago, Tectonic plate movements led to mountains rising out of the ocean, rotating clockwise, creating one of the most defined, transverse ranges on the Pacific Coast. 

2403, 2022

Northern Michigan: Fresh and Expressive Cool Climate White Wines

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Near the Canadian border in the Midwest, sits a region uncharted and vibrant making world class white wines. Northern Michigan offers an oasis of opportunity for grape growers and winemakers to create truly distinct wines that reflect its unique climate and terroir.

103, 2022

Scott Peterson: Independent Winemaker in a Digitally Data Driven World

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Growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, Scott Peterson watched history unfold in front of his very eyes as right out the front door was beautiful colonial architecture and a Rockwellian downtown comprising his youth. He was a drummer in the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums. They would dress up in period attire and play military music from the 1770’s.   As a teenager, he initially wanted to be a forester, but at the age of 19, he got the itch to head out to the West Coast. On a lark, he purchased a truck, got a dog and headed to Northern California.

1602, 2022

Calistoga: Warm Days, Cool Nights and Quintessential Charm on the Northside of Napa

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Situated between two mountain ranges, the Calistoga AVA is located at the northernmost end of the Napa Valley.   Established in 2009, this AVA comprises approximately seven square miles with over 600 acres of planted grapes.

302, 2022

Holly’s Hill Vineyards: A Touch of Rhone in the Heart of El Dorado

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The origin story of Holly’s Hill Vineyards can best be explained through a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape that  Tom and Holly Cooper shared on their honeymoon- it was love at first sight.  Located in El Dorado’s Pleasant Valley, nestled in the Sierra Foothills, the vineyard originally started out as a ranch the family used as a retreat and a place to raise cattle.  

2201, 2022

State of the Wine Industry Report:  What About the Small Producers?

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Annually, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) releases their State of the Wine Industry Report. For a largely private industry without a lot of research groups focusing on data and analytics, this report is a wealth of topical trend information and provides a great window in trend forecasting based on surveys and analytics data to craft a high-level picture from the economics, to the viticulture to the sales aspect of the wine industry.

1001, 2022

PRIE Vineyard & Winery: Exploring New and Interesting Varieties in Lodi

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Winery and vineyards offer an odd intersection, but somehow it works. For John and Lisa Gash starting a winery was about wanting to run their own business. As hobbyist winemakers initially and working in technology as part of their respective day jobs, a winery seemed like a natural combination of both their business acumen, curiosities and passions.

2012, 2021

Willamette Valley: Small Producers Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead

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This year was an interesting growing season for wine producers in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. As wineries continue to adjust to the new normal of COVID and appointment only reservations becomes the norm, the region experienced a heat dome this summer resulting in record temperatures hovering around 115 degrees for several days. Quick and decisive decision making is becoming a necessity for grape growers. With harvest happening usually in the September to October time period, growers are always potentially faced with early rain, and now the threat of wildfires, that can quickly determine or alter how a grower approaches a harvest.

712, 2021

Vermilion Valley Vineyards: Humble Roots in North Central Ohio

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Growing up in Sandusky Ohio, Joe Juniper always had a love for plants. While his mom was working two jobs to make a living, Joe would be outside bonding with vegetation. At the age of 13, he started working in a vineyard at a medium sized winery biking over there as time allowed for it. Over the next few years, he continued increasing his responsibilities working in the cellar and learning the business.

2911, 2021

Longtime Winemaker Donald Patz Talks Business, Wine and Life

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Since arriving in California in the early 1980’s, Donald Patz has worn many hats in the wine industry.  From starting in sales at Flora Springs Winery to being a founding partner at Patz & Hall Winery, Patz has endured the ups and downs of the wine business. After selling Patz & Hall to Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, he would go on to establish the Donald Patz Wine Group, which is a combination of three small producer brands. 

1511, 2021

Winery Compliance: Diligence, Deduction and Sleuthery

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Growing up in the Napa Valley of California, the wine business was part of the backdrop of her childhood. Upon finishing college, her initial plan was to become a teacher, but at that time it was nearly impossible as jobs were scarce.  In the summer of 1993, she applied for a harvest lab technician position at Beringer Vineyards and was hired. 

603, 2021

Mullan Road Cellars: A Journey into the Royal Slope AVA

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In the spring of 1853, a young man fresh out of West Point by the name of Lieutenant John Mullan was ready to put his topical engineering training to the task of improving a wagon route from Fort Benton to Fort Walla Walla, which was then known as the Washington Territory. Because of war, construction would be delayed by about five years.  Overseeing a workforce of 200 people, Lt. Mullan through a combination of perseverance and ingenuity, would develop a road that would serve as a primary centralized route for settlers migrating to the Pacific Northwest and be aptly named for the person who led the charge.

1611, 2020

La Randonnée Wines: From Oregon to Ireland and Back

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Kevin Green has been on a never-ending quest whether it’s to solve a technical puzzle or to demystify a grape varietal—it’s a curiosity about life that keeps him going.

2710, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Hoopes Vineyard

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Although there is no shortage of capital entering Napa, or businesses thriving in the corporate sector, family-owned grower-producers are swimming upstream to keep their businesses afloat. These multi-generational farmers and winemakers cannot remain economically viable without access to direct-to-consumer sales, namely in the form of tastings on their vineyard sites.

2808, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Rahn Estate

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For Hannah and Dylan Rahn, growing grapes is all they have ever known as their father has been working in vineyards since they were very young. Several years later, their father would purchase 20 acres in Angwin, located in the Napa Valley. He designed and planted about 4 and half acres of vineyard, which is now Rahn Estate. 

1208, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Elkhorn Peak Cellars

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As the pandemic continues to hinder small businesses, wineries in Napa County find themselves at a crossroad where sales are being severely impacted by Napa's land development restrictions, which has some of the most stringent statewide thresholds a winery must meet in order to develop an on-site production facility.

508, 2020

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Maroon Wines

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In 2015, Paul Maroon helped form the Save the Family Farms initiative with the focus on preserving the Napa Valley’s small family vineyards, which are the backbone of the agricultural history of the region.  The key driver behind this is  to ensure that small producers can remain viable and competitive for future generations to come.

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